Friday, May 14, 2010

Tour Stop Information

by Mike Riley

We are making a great effort to make this tour as informative as possible, so we are preparing hand outs for each stop that will let you know the how and why for the structure. This is fairly easy for Lock 51 and the Centerport Aqueduct, since they are stand alone stops. But the Port Byron and Montezuma stops are walking tours, and they cover many sites. And we will have walking tour booklets available for sale, complete with photos and lots of good information. But, we do want to have a handout for those who are exploring on their own and or don’t wish to purchase the guide booklet. So we have chosen Lock 52 and the Montezuma Aqueduct as sites worthy of their own handouts.

These will be available at the sites and at the Old Brutus Historical Society, the headquarters for our day long event. These will be copied in black and white. But, we are also making them available through this blog site as downloadable pdfs. Just go back to the February 28th post, “Tour Schedule”, and click on the blue highlighted links. This will open a pdf (in color) that you can view and print out.

Note: The walking tour booklets are not available as downloads. These are being sold by the Montezuma and Lock 52 (Port Byron) Historical Societies as a way to raise much needed funds.

We hope you will enjoy these downloads and that it will make you want to come to our August 14 Canal Splash event.

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