Sunday, February 10, 2013

Plans for 2013

A few dates to note and set aside for 2013.

Canal Splash Weekend

The Canal Splash weekend is August 9-11. We will be holding our walk this year on Saturday, the 10th. The format will be much the same as last years, with the walk taking place all in the new Montezuma Heritage Park. Last year, it took us three hours, so a start at 9am seems reasonable. More to come, but we have a complete post already on this site that will tell you all about it.

We do have other dates to note.

Canal Clean Sweep- April 20th. It always rains on our clean sweep, but let's hope for sun this year.

Volunteering- We will be holding work dates in the Heritage Park throughout the year.
Sat June 8th
Sat September 28th
Sat October 5th

The last two dates are planned to get things set for the first annual Montezuma 5K run/walk.

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