Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Montezuma- Then and Now

 Mary and I took a walk around the Montezuma Heritage Park and I tried to get some then and now photos. It also shows just how hard it is to describe what use to be when so much has changed. Without a visual aid, can anyone really understand what use to be going on here? The top photo shows the Exchange Hotel and parts of the business area. The change over bridge going to the Cayuga Seneca Canal is directly overhead. We can see the shadow of the bridge on the path and some of the abutment stonework on the left. Today, this is the trailhead leading into the Park.


These two show the Montezuma Aqueduct. Looking at the top photo, it is easy to see what an aqueduct does. It is full of water, and boats float across the river. Today, not to easy. The wooden trunk is gone and we see the stonework. So where is the canal? It is especially hard as much of the stonework is gone also.

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